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Abbreviations are explained and the necessary clarifications are given for the terms used in the Introduction  (page 6), a typical adult Iphiclides podalirius (Figure 1.4, page 23), the “Map” of the wings (Figure 1.5, page 24), in Map, Diagrams and  Plates 3.3., as found (pages 31-44) of the book THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE (2009) and have also been uploaded on this website.

Page 6 of the book: ABBREVIATIONS

Page 23 of the book: Figure 1.4. The typical form of an adult. Nomenclature.

Page 24 of the book: Figure 1.5. “Map” of the wings. The symbols are almost identical to those used in the book  “BUTTERFLIES OF BRITAIN AND EUROPE” by L.G. Higgings και N.D. Riley, COLLINS, London.

Below are pages 31-44, as they appear in the book THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE (2009)