The second revised and enlarged edition
With the collaboration of STAVROS K. STAVRIDIS
in creation of maps, diagrams and plates

Kindly supported by
The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation

The content

The richness of the butterflies’ fauna of Greece is presented in a book as a result of a 25 years detailed research and photography made by Lazaros N. Pamperis. All 235 butterflies were studied meticulously in the field, with patience and perseverance, all over Greece. All species were photographed free and alive in their natural habitats. The book comprises comments on the external features of the butterflies, the environment, the ecology and a detailed description of all species of the butterflies of Greece. The book also includes 1765 photographs in color, 234 distribution maps with diagrams of the altitude for all the 234 species and additionally many figures, maps, plates and diagrams. An estimation of the status for all species and the factors of threat are also included. This book aims to inspire the reader with the necessity of the protection of the butterflies of Greece as far as their habitat is concerned, that is, the environment of Greece which is shared with all species and naturally with man.