The second revised and enlarged edition
With the collaboration of STAVROS K. STAVRIDIS
in creation of maps, diagrams and plates

Kindly supported by
The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation

The richness of the butterflies’ fauna of Greece is presented in a book as a result of a 25 years detailed research and photography made by Lazaros N. Pamperis. All 235 butterflies were studied meticulously in the field, with patience and perseverance, all over Greece. All species were photographed free and alive in their natural habitats. The book comprises comments on the external features of the butterflies, the environment, the ecology and a detailed description of all species of the butterflies of Greece. The book also includes 1765 photographs in color, 234 distribution maps with diagrams of the altitude for all the 234 species and additionally many figures, maps, plates and diagrams. An estimation of the status for all species and the factors of threat are also included. This book aims to inspire the reader with the necessity of the protection of the butterflies of Greece as far as their habitat is concerned, that is, the environment of Greece which is shared with all species and naturally with man.

The book will be published in 500 copies with text in English and 2500 copies with text in Greek; layout in one volume with 768 pages 16χ24 cm and soft cover.

Four pages of the book. layout with text in English is identical to the version with text in Greek.

… The effort … for collecting the very valuable photographic material, that decorate the book, is praiseworthy; it also indisputably contributes to the knowledge and the conservation of Greek fauna.

Byron Katsoyiannos

Professor of Entomology

Aristotelian University

Letter, October 1997, Thessaloniki

… an especially careful and interesting publication … The rich photographs reveal the long time research of the author and his contribution to the knowledge of the rich fauna of the butterflies of Greece.

Niki Goulandri

President of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History

Letter October 1997, Athens

Das Vorliegende Buch ist trotz dieser Kritik ein “Muß” für jeden Lepidopterologen, der sich für die Tagfalter Griechenlands ernsthaft interessiert.

Dr Otakar Kudrna

Oedippus Oktober 1997


… In all, it is a work useful to the researchers, the students but even to the public, because of the simplicity of writing and the beauty of the photographs, that are accessible to everyone …

Newsletter of the Hellenic Zoological Society

October 1997, Athens

…This is not only a beautiful publication but also a source of scientific information that will retain its importance for several generations … (the) book has led the foundations for monitoring future developments in the natural environment of Greece.

Arne Strid

Prof. Botanical Laboratory

University of Copenhagen

Letter, November 1997

Ce superb livre comble une lacune importance. C’ est en effet la premiere fois que la richesse et la magnificence des papillons de Grèce … un travail méticuleux, patient et persévérant, mené avec amour. Le livre sera d’ un très grand intérêt pour l’ amoureux de la nature et pour le photographe; il ne devrait pas manquer dans la bibliothèque du lépidopteriste averti.

Ronny Leestmans

Linneana Belgica,

Decembre 1977

… Now we can learn more about butterflies … and even to see them in all their “natural” magnificence … One can find in this “thesaurus” a lot of the available information for the butterflies of Greece … In short terms, this is a book to enjoy …

N. S. Margaris

Professor of Managing Ecosystems

University of Aegean

Newspaper Tο Bήμα, 25 January 1998, Athens

Overall (it) is an excellent book … and raising the conservation issues which are so important for the future of butterflies and other wildlife in Greece … It is a must for all students of Greek butterflies and will make an excellent contribution to their libraries.

Andrew Wakeham-Dawson

The Entomologists Record,

March/April 1998


… Lazaros Pamperis fully embraces the concept of butterflying with binoculars and presents us with a stunning book that allows us to luxuriate in the bountiful butterfly diversity of Greece … this book will be usefully studied before any trip to Europe…

Jeffrey Glassberg

American Butterflies,

Summer 1998


There is no doubt that this book with its wonderful colour photos on nearly every page is far more visually attractive than most comparable works… An interesting addition is a little bar graph for each species indicating the number of localities, sorted by geographical altitude, from which it has been recorded… All in all this is a very lovely and unusual book which I expect every lepidopterist in Europe will want to own.

Gordon Ramel

31 July 1998

Trotz allem bietet das Buch eine guten Überblick über die Tagfalterfauna Griechenlands, den man sich so schnell mit keinem Werk verschaaffen konte.

Ulf Eitschberger

November 1998,

Atalanta 28(3/4)

The book “The Butterflies of Greece” considerably contributes to the knowledge of the fauna of our country … For this significant and massive work the Demetrios and Anthe Aeginitou’s award is granted …

Academy of Athens

29 December 1998, Athens

The author is clearly a nature lover and without any doubt his intensions are sincere… The author missed a unique opportunity to achieve a real great work … it would have been better if this book had never been written, at least in its present form.

Alain Olivier

1 March 1999

Nota Lepidopterologica Vol. 22/1 22/1

(the work) is attractive and informative … it will be the basic reference during the next year … forthcoming years will demonstrate the usefulness of the work.

Dr Enrique Garcia-Barros

Depto. Biologia (Zool.)

Universidad Autόnoma

Letter, Madrid, 14 VII 1999

This is the life work of one individual totally dedicated to documenting the butterflies of his native country. It is a beautiful book with some stunning photographs and lots of useful information. It would have been more useful to visitors to Greece if the author felt he could publish the distribution of scarce and endemic species without these attracting the unwanted attention of collectors. However it is the only major work on the butterflies of Greece.

Simon Spencer

14 November 2008

Butterfly Conservation

European Interests Group

Lazaros N. Pamperis was born in Larissa, where he lives and works.

He graduated in 1971 from the National Technical University of Athens as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer.

Since 1974 he has been photographing nature in Greece and hiking in the mountains of Greece, while after 1983 he has specialized in butterflies and moths.

His work has been published in magazines such as E of the newspaper Ελευθεροτυπία, in Φωτογράφος, in Συνεργασία, in Φύση, in Experiment/Γαιόραμα, in the Greek version of National Geographic, in Πεμπτουσία and others magazines and newspapers.

He is a member of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and a member of the Hellenic Alpine Club of Acharnes; many of his articles on the mountains of Greece were published in the magazine Κορφές of this Club, from 1981 to 2006.

For the first time in Greece his work on THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREECE was published in a book, kindly supported by The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation; the Academy of Athens honored the author for the first edition in 29 XII 1998.

He continues to study the butterflies and moths of Greece free in their natural habitats, meticulously in the field with patience and perseverance.

Publication date: 2 March 2010.

The book published in 750 copies with text in English and 2200 copies with text in Greek; layout in one volume with 768 pages 16χ24 cm and soft cover.

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