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CHARACTERISTIC DETAILS OF THE SPECIES Erebia neleus and Erebia ottomana

These species are very similar to the UPS and so it is not possible to separate them only by the characteristics of the UPS. In general, Erebia neleus are smaller in size and – where they fly together – they fly later than Erebia ottomana. Below are photos of these two species from a mountain (an later from more mountains).  The UNS of the wings of the females of these two species, are characteristically different and facilitate the separation, especially in areas where both species have been observed flying together; also there are comments on the color of the clubs of the antennae and distribution maps also are presented.

In a site on Mt Kaimaktsalan where both species fly together: in the females of  Erebia neleus UNH has very sharp stripes with different colors, while in the females of Erebia ottomana the UNH has almost uniform coloring. In males, UNH of these two species are very similar and the differences in the colors of the stripes are less obvious.

Erebia neleus MALE, photograph 0896003 Mt Kaimaktsalan

Erebia ottomana MALE (left) and FEMALE (right), photograph 1149034 Mt Kaimaktsalan

Erebia neleus FEMALE, photograph 2735178 Mt Kaimaktsalan

The clubs of the antennae of Erebia ottomana and Erebia neleus species from a site, where they fly together, at Mt Kaimaktsalan, are quite different: the light and dark brown coloration is present on the underside of the clubs of Erebia neleus, while the corresponding area in Erebia ottomana is gray white in color.

It is very important to be examined (in all populations of these two species) whether this characteristic color on the clubs of the antennae can be a safe separation criterion between Erebia neleus and Erebia ottomana.


Distribution Maps of the species Erebia ottomana και Erebia neleus: