Gegenes pumilio/nostrodamus complex

The two species Gegenes nostrodamus and Gegenes pumilio are very similar and are very difficult to distinguish with photographs, unless the presence or absence of a dense or sparce cluster of hairs in basal area of ​​the HW is noted. This feature is evident in young individuals but in old individuals, it is usually not immediately visible. Related Coutsis J. G. & Olivier A .: Confirmation of the presence of both Gegenes pumilio (Hoffmansegg, 1804) and Gegenes nostrodamus (Fabricius, 1793) on the Greek island of Crete (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).
Phegea 21(4): 101–107 στο

Photos are presented where this feature is visible.

The presence of this dense clump of hairs in the basal area of ​​the HW (with a green environment) is characteristic of this Gegenes nostrodamus (Crete)

2-1799021 nostrodamus cropped copy

Gegenes nostrodamus: Hairs dense, long and broad

The absence of a dense clump of hair in the basal area of ​​the HW (with a red surrounding) is characteristic of this young individual of Gegenes pumilio (Kastellorizo)

3-1552029 copy

Gegenes pumilio: Hairs sparce, fine and short