CHARACTERISTIC DETAILS OF THE SPECIES Polyommatus icarus and Polyommatus eros

The species Polyommatus eros exists in areas of Macedonia and Epirus and further south in the Peloponnese (in Taygetos). There is one generation.

The species Polyommatus icarus exists throughout Greece. There are up to three generations depending on the altitude.

Males of these species are distinguished from the wings while females are very similar and their identification is facilitated only by the presence of males.

The distribution map of Polyommatus eros.

In the photo (right) a male Polyommatus icarus (with open wings) and a male Polyommatus eros (with closed wings). Note (left) the thin submarginal dark stripe on the UPS of the wings.

In the photo many male Polyommatus eros (with open and closed wings). The wide and characteristic submarginal dark band on the UPS of the wings is noted.