Characteristic details of species Aricia agestis, Aricia artaxerxes and Aricia anteros

Species Aricia anteros, Aricia agestis and Aricia artaxerxes are very similar in UNH and UNF.

In all these species the mark on the coffin S6 is clearly displaced towards the base of the wing.
The males of Aricia anteros are blue on the UPH and UPF and the females of the same species have a characteristic mark, which distinguishes them from the females of the other two species (and is noted below).
However, the males and females of Aricia agestis and Aricia artaxerxes are brown in color and very similar.

2229039 anteros MALE

A male Aricia anteros


A female Aricia anteros with the characteristic black lines inside (marked in green) of the orange marks of UPH. These lines are absent from Aricia artaxerxes and Aricia agestis.