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Characteristic details of species  Colias alfacariensis and Colias crocea

These species are quite similar, but their separation (with photos) is possible if certain characteristics of the wings are highlighted: the color and also the position and extent of the black marks on the wings of the male and female individuals. Below photographs will be presented of male and female individuals of these two species and from the UPS and UNS of the wings of these two species, which are characteristically different and facilitate their separation.

First of all, the special characteristic markings of a female Colias crocea f. helice and a female Colias alfacariensis are presented, which are quite similar, but always have characteristic differences

Colias crocea males have, on the UPS, the characteristic crocus yellow, while Colias alfacariensis males have the distinctly different lemon yellow.

When they keep the wings closed and only the UNH and only a small part of the UNF are visible, then the identification is safe only if the extent and relative position of the black submarginal bands of the UPS can be distinguished, if of course the lighting conditions allow us to observe them, as usually only the UNH or a small part of the UNF are visible. In Colias crocea these black submarginal bands of UPS are long, broad and extend the entire length of the external margin on the UPH, while in Colias alfacariensis they are smaller, narrower and do not extend the entire length of the external margin on the UPH. The different colors, namely crocus yellow (in Colias crocea) and lemon yellow (in Colias alfacariensis) are not always distinct, because how they are perceived depends on the lighting conditions (natural light or artificial light with a flash).