CHARACTERISTIC DETAILS OF THE SPECIES Hyponephele lupina and Hyponephele lycaon

The species Hyponephele lycaon and Hyponephele lupina are relatively similar but can be distinguished (by the photos) from:

  1. The largest size of the individuals of Hyponephele lupina and the smallest of the individuals of Hyponephele lycaon.
  2. The fact that in the islands of the eastern Aegean and in Crete only Hyponephele lupina exists.
  3. The differences in the lines, which are present in the UNH, relatively clear and complete in Hyponephele lycaon and very faint in Hyponephele lupina (indicated below in red).
  4. In young individuals all the features are easily discernible while in the old individuals it is sometimes difficult to identify.

Below are spreadsheets and several photos for easy identification.