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Characteristic details of species Muschampia tessellumFavria cribrellum, Muschampia alta and Muschampia proteides

Two new species have been added to the butterflies of Europe: Muschampia alta and Muschampia proteides. In Greece there are both, while Muschapia proto is no longer included in the species of Greece.

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Muschampia alta, Muschampia proteides

BELOW: Photos of Muschampia ptoteides from the Dodecanese
BELOW: Photographs of Mushampia alta from mainland Greece

Muschampia tessellum with four white marks in the space S1 of upf; rarely six white marking are present.

Favria cribrellum with more (up to six) white marking in space S1 of UPF.

Mushampia tessellum (left) is always larger than Favria cribrellum (right). In the UPF (inside the GREEN line) white markings are visible, which in M. tessellum are in most individuals four (and very rarely up to six), while in Favria cribrellum there are in most individuals six (and rarely as few as five). The white markings of the UPF, surrounded by the RED line, are more in F. cribrellum and less in M. tessellum.

Favria cribrellum Maps-Butterflies-of-Greece-ETR89 Pamperis-31-XII-2022-reduced-1 225

The Map of distribution of Favria cribrellum

Muschampia tessellum Maps-Butterflies-of-Greece-ETRS89 Pamperis-31-XII-2022-reduced-1 224

The Map of distribution of Muschampia tessellum