Polyommatus ripartii/timfristos complex

The species Polyommatus timfristos was found on Mount Parnassos and Timfristos, with the work VISHNEVSKAYA MS, SAIFITDINOVA AF, LUKHTANOV VA (2016): Karyosystematics and molecular taxonomy of the anomalous blue butterflies (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) from the Balkan Peninsula. Comparative Cytogenetics 10(5): 1–85.

It is very similar to Polyommatus ripartii. Below photos of these two species, from certain geographical areas are psesented, which highlight the differences in external characteristics.

ABOVE: Four photographs of Polyommatus timfristos from Timfristos

BELOW: One photo of the species Polyommatus ripartii from Oiti and three photos of the species Polyommatus ripartii from Chelmos